eMachines replacement board - avoid repeat dead mboard


Oct 22, 2007
I have an eMachines T6216 with a micro-ATX board that appears to be dead. Over the past several months the onboard video started screwing up the colors, so I recently put in an Nvidia 7600GS and Rosewill 450W power supply. I think the motherboard was on its way out because after a long evening of Unreal Tournament 2K4 the other night, the next morning I went to turn on the computer and got nothing except the CPU Fan and the lit power button. I did the usual reseating of components, resetting the CMOS, booting with only one stick of memory, and even trying the old power supply. Nothing is working. I posted this just to show that I think I have proven the motherboard is dead.

Anyway I do not have enough money to buy a new computer or even a new motherboard and CPU combo. I really only have enough cash to replace the motherboard. Question #1, http://www.biostar-usa.com/mbdetails.asp?model=geforce+6100-m9 looks to be a drop in replacement for the eMachines branded motherboard. It seems that Biostar is a decent brand, any particular issues I should be aware of?

#2, what might I have done over time that would cause the motherboard to go bad within 18 months since purchase? I'd like to avoid a repeat scenario, is there anything I can do? (I think ensuring proper wire routing inside the case might help, and maybe adding a second quiet case fan)

Thanks in advance!