Emails from toms hardware

Sep 8, 2021
Every time anything happens on a thread that I have replied to or reacted to I get a notification. I have shut of every single notification and email stuff in the settings and I don't even get a number by the bell but I still get the emails. How do I stop the emails?
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This sometimes happen with my account as well, but weirdly now these Notification emails are getting caught by the Yahoo Mail's SPAM folder, lol. Sometimes I don't receive any notification though.

Anyway, on a serious note, I presume you have checked the following 2 options as well., See the screenshots posted below. I found these links in the footer part of the email which I have been receiving when I'm 'Watching" any thread/Topic.

I presume you have checked the "Unwatch" button/option as well, which unfortunately we need to do for each Topic individually, assuming other stop notification options are not enabled/checked.

I think here we need to check the LAST option, "Stop all emails from Tom's Hardware Forum.