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Jul 14, 2020
Hello, new guy here, and I'm in a bit of a strange pickle.

Recently, my sister and I had to use a fresh image to reinstall Windows, so we lack the original recovery partition. Unaware that the manufacturer doesn't provide drivers, or anything downloadable, for my sister's laptop on their website, Windows managed to install some of the necessary things, but I haven't been able to get drivers for the speaker and mic.

The manufacturer hasn't responded since I queried weeks ago about the drivers, so is there anywhere or anyone I can obtain them from?

The motherboard is Eii C116KY-1, and I don't know what's the speaker. I'm too scared to open that thing to find out. o_o


Sep 9, 2010
Hi there,

I had similar problems with a Ematic EWT127BL. Poor customer support, no answers to inquiries, no drivers on their site. I'm going to guess you have 7 unknown devices in your Device Manager, like I did.

If you go to:

Device Manager > double click unknown device > 'Details' tab > select 'Hardware Ids' in the drop down menu, you can Google the hardware ID entries to find sites that host the drivers you're looking for.

For many devices there's three entries under 'Hardware IDs'. The third entry is sufficient to be able to find websites that host the drivers, simply by Googling the hardware ID.

If you get the network adapter driver taken care of, you can download Driver Booster 7.6 and that should take care of the rest, except it will update the touchscreen driver (Silead) to a version that's too new. The program automatically identified several devices and downloaded/installed drivers for them. But I'll include info on what your other devices may very well be anyways.

For the Network driver, mine was RealTek RTL8723BS Wireless LAN 802.11n SDIO Network Adapter:
-- rtwlans.sys, vwifibus.sys, v. 3008.66.1013.2017 (Hardware ID: SD\VID_024c&PID_b723)

For sound, I'm going to guess like the Ematic I'm working on, my drivers were:
--ES8316AudCodec (Hardware ID: ESSX8316)
--Intel SST Audio Device (WDM) v. 604.10135.2894.38424 (Hardware ID: 808622A8)

You're also likely missing the battery/power management driver. For the Ematic I'm working on, it was:
--Intel(R) Battery Management Device v 604.10146.2468.34930 (Hardware ID: INT33FE)

And also the Bluetooth UART driver. For mine, it was:
--Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI) + Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator v. 10.0.18362.1
--Bluetooth Radio + Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator v. 10.0.18362.963

I have the touchscreen driver installed, but touchscreen calibration has proved extremely elusive and frustrating, despite trying a multitude of files I found on the internet, tweaking them and dropping them in the Windows/INF folder. I was able to find a file named silead.fw, and drop it in my system32/drivers folder, which has only partially but not completely fixed the touchscreen problem. Some places on the touchscreen I tap are accurate, others are a few inches off, or registering on parts of the screen opposite of where they should.

If I go to Control Panel > Tablet PC Settings, Win10 identifies the touchscreen on this Ematic as a LC116LF3L01. When I Google that, it identifies the panel manufacturer as Panda, a Chinese company. There's lots of wholesalers selling the panel, but I can't find out if there any any drivers specific for that panel, so for now I have the Silead drivers for the touchscreen.

I've checked over 100 pages on forums and websites for possible fixes, and spent upwards of 12-16 hours trying to get the touchscreen working properly. The Windows 10 touchscreen calibration utility is all but useless in getting this issue resolved.

But, the driver for the touchscreen is likely:
--KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device
--Manufacturer: Sileadinc
--Hardware ID: MSSL1680

Hope this helps.
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