Question Embed Remote Dekstop in to website for my customers


Nov 5, 2016

I run my self employed Computer Repair company.

I'm having a issue at the moment I have coded my website in HTML5, CSS, PHP.
What I'm after is a Remote desktop support for my customers that is embed in to my website
eg so a customer of mine can go to my website and click on remote desktop support and it will give them a auto random generated
user id and password.

So i can connect to there PC threw my website with out them downloading a remote desktop app like Teamviwer or Aeroadmin.
I deal with a lot of older customers of mine that it is to complicated for them to download a app and run it so that's why I'm looking for
a way to do this threw my own website: [Moderator note: Removed website link as advertising.]

I have had a look if anyone ells has something like this with out open ports on a server I'm not 100% sure if this is even possible so
yea if anyone can link me or give me any info in to this.

Thank you

Very much

[Moderator Note: Removed Company Name as advertising] Computer Repairs
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