Emergency Vista Re-install


Jul 2, 2011
Here's my dilemma. I was recently hit with a bad virus, it took over the computer, hid all of my files, messed up the registry, etc. I've been working to get things fixed after finally killing the virus, like get all the my files unhidden, etc.
The problem is that programs that I use for work are no longer working properly, I still have no programs in my Start menu>All programs section and my computer is slow.
I'm out of town for a couple months for work and can't get back home to get my Vista Home Premium 32bit disk to do a re-install. I have no desire to download one illegally so I've been checking with people around me that might have one.
The only disk I've been able to turn up is a Dell Vista Home Premium 64bit disk.
Now, I have an ASUS laptop, it has the sticker on the bottom, I have the activation key and the product key.
I need to get my computer up and running asap. I've delayed too much work already dealing with this problem.
Will this Dell Vista Home Premium 64bit disk work to reinstall Vista on my ASUS laptop with my Home Premium 32bit activation and product key?
Hope this isn't a stupid question, but I'm at the end of my rope here.


Apr 4, 2011
The 64-bit installation disk will only have the installation of a 64-bit copy of Vista. Since your product key and activation code are for the 32-bit, you will NOT be able to install the 64-bit software on your computer (your 32-bit product keys and activation will not be valid).

Your best solution is to find a 32-bit install, which can be used for what you need to do, regardless of whether it is an ASUS install.

^+1. I am sure system locked preinstallation will kick in and prompt 64 bit activation key which you don't have.
Ok even I am at a lost now area51reopened. I know you cannot change version like from ultimate and home. But I always thought you can change 32 and 64 bit. Then someone told me it is only the retail version, and oem is locked to 32 bit or 64 bit. I think I will have to relearn the rules on compatibility of keys to their version as well.