Question Employee has no internet when plugging into laptop first thing in the morning


Dec 3, 2014
Here is a good one I have not been able to solve:

I have been at this for a while with no resolution. The user calls in saying he doesn't have internet and he is connecting through a LAN with ethernet. He appears to be connected to the LAN (can see network shares, etc) but is not getting internet/gateway. We have tried reinstalling the driver, we have tried to put a priority on the nic over the wifi and nothing seems to work. Also disabled ipv6. We even updated all the hardware drivers from Dell. I have pinged google and it shows no response as well as until we get it connected.

One interesting thing is this will resolve itself if you wait long enough (20, 30,45 minutes, etc.)

Here is my workaround and I am not sure if this will help solve this issue but when he turns on his wifi and then turns it off he is then connected to the internet and the LAN. This is strange to me because I have not seen this type of issue in many years supporting technology. I have tried to unplug replug to see if that helps and it does not.

I am not sure if he is taking the laptop home and something is happening there or what but it seems like the first thing in the morning this happens when he plugs into the laptop. Once he is connected he is good until he leaves. It doesn't happen every day but most of the time this happens.

Has anyone seen this type of issue? If so what was your fix?