Emulation on the PSP



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I was thinking of getting a GP-32 for SNES and Genesis emulation ($200+)

But I wonder how long it will take programmers to start making emulators on
the PSP. I'd definately fork over $250 to sony if you could play SNES,
Genesis, etc.. (and of course the games that are made for the PSP)


Sep 26, 2002
Archived from groups: alt.games.video.sony-playstation2 (More info?)

With the power of the PSP emulators of Mame, SNES, Genny, Saturn, and
even PSX is all possible. How long will it take for this to happen?
Don't expect it to happen overnight. Some devs have probably imported
PSPs from Japan and starting tinkering around with it, but it could be
6 months to 1 year before we start to see some homegrown progs. It
also depends on how much Sony will encourage it by releasing developer
toolkits. With the huge connectiveness options of the PSP the
possibilities are huge: yahoo/aim/msn chat clients, VOIP, etc. BUT
doing that will open Pandora's Box to piracy and all that other fun
stuff: wireless copying movies, music, etc PSP to PSP. It could be
huge. Might require a mod chip, time will tell. I haven't bought a
PSP, YET. At the moment i'm not crazy about paying $40-$50 for a game
I already own on the PS2. But when the exclusive PSP games with
multiplayer that can be played over a wi-fi hotspot, I'm all over it.

The thing just got released, give it some time.