Question Enabling laptop battery charging after it being "temporarily disabled?"

Sep 23, 2020
I recently got a Dell Inspiron 7348 (used, it was a gift) and I've got the wrong power adapter for it. It needs at 35W AC power adapter, but I've got a 65W. Due to the current circumstances and the country I live in, it's not possible for me to buy the correct one at the moment.

However, when I had first set the laptop up, I had received an error message that said I could use a 35W AC adapter or above, so I figure it's fine for now. Every time I boot it up, I get a message that says that battery charging is temporarily disabled. Wouldn't that imply that I can re-enable it, or am I just being stupid? If it is possible, how would I do so?

Let me know if any more details are needed. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Specs posted below
Memory: 8GB
Disk Capacity: 500GB
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64 bit
GNOME Version: 3.36.3
Processor: Intel Core i7
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