enabling ports for internet sharing?


Jun 27, 2001
under windows 2000 where do i go to enable the different ports for sharing internet accross my network? Right now, even with use of a proxy service, i can only share the ports of direct internet browsing and some email clients, however ports like most online gaming, chat programs like icq etc..., and ftp are not being shared.....so first off, how do i get away from using a proxy program to share, i'm already sharing files, i thought i had every setting enabled to share internet too (although sometimes when i select the option it wont let me save, telling me that the lan device must be at to automatically share and select something...which is strange, considering its ip IS that number)...so to get around that, i used proxy +...

Either way, how to i enable the other ports so all my networked computers can use ALL internet functions?

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