Question Enabling secure boot issues


Jul 21, 2015
I enter bios and select disable for CSM, save and exit as you should and reboot, as soon as i enter the bios its reenabled again , TPM is enabled just fine but windows 11 needs CSM disabled and secure boot enabled but i cant get it to save, the battery is new so no issue there or saving any other setting,
LAN PXE boot optionROM: disabled
Storage boot option control: UEFI only
Other PCI device ROM priority UEFI only
I get error the error listed below when trying enable secure boot which is necessary for windows 11 installation which is
1) :disable the CSM in setup. Repeat operation after reboot to ensure UEFI video (GOP) driver is operational which i cant because it doesn't save the disabled setting.
Ive restored factory keys, loaded factory settings, bios is fully up to date i just cannot get secure boot to enable, fast boot is disabled.
i am using a gigabyte b450m gaming motherboard
Ryzen 53600 processor
Gigabyte gtx 1660 gaming OC
Windows 10 64bit
16gb ram
Im not new by any means to pc’s and bios’s but this is infuriating