Question Enabling V-Sync and Capping FPS on 165Hz display ?

Dec 24, 2022
I've recently purchased a Lenovo Legion 5 Pro that has a 2560 x 1600 165Hz panel. None of the games that I play can hit 165 frames. The FPS fluctuates a lot between 80 -150, and it's very noticeable to me. I want to cap the frame rate to get consistent FPS and not put unnecessary load on the GPU.

I have both G-Sync and V-Sync enabled and FPS capped to 60 in NVCP for a game (Forza Horizon 5) with Low Latency set to Ultra. Is this the right setup to get minimum input lag? I've seen conflicting suggestions on whether V-Sync should be enabled or not when using G-Sync.

When I tried playing Forza with this setup, I got consistent 60 FPS however it didn't feel smooth. It felt choppier than 60 FPS feels but the in-game FPS counter showed a steady 60 FPS. I read somewhere that your capped refresh rate should be half the monitor's refresh rate, so I capped it at 83 and it felt a lot smoother. I'm not sure if that's due to more frames or due to the capped frame rate being half of the monitor's. Should I continue capping the frame rate at half the monitor's refresh rate, or does it not matter with G-Sync? Would I get better results if I changed the monitor's refresh rate to 60Hz then tried running Forza at 60FPS?
Since your monitor has a refresh rate of 165 HZ and your setup does not produce enough fps to match the refresh rate, I would leave Gysnc on, turn off Vsync, turn off Low latency (It just limits how many frames your gpu is producing) experiment with fps cap rate to be as close to the refresh rate as possible to match your average fps and still look smooth to you. Check in your Nvidia Control Panel, resolution settings to see what refresh rate your monitor can step down to. Does it show 144hz, 120hz? I would try using one of those if they are available either lock the fps to one of those refresh rates or enable Vsync but not both.