Question Enabling WSL/Hyper-V causes vram to change back to 2GB ?

Oct 16, 2021
Today, i wanted to try out wsl. As a linux and windows user, this would be very helpful! But when i enabled it and restarted my pc, i found out in task manager that my ram has changed form 7.4 gb to 5.9 gb.

The "5.9 GB of ram" seemed familiar, because when i bought this pc, it originally came with 8gb of ram but 2.1gb hardware reserved. that 2 gigs of hardware reserved actually was reserved for the Integrated gpu's vram. Since i kinda needed ram more than vram (as i dont play games that much), i went into the motherboard bios, and changed the gpu memory from 2G to 512M. Then i got 7.4 gb of ram and 512 mb of ram.

This was a problem for me, and right now i couldnt just buy more ram, so i did some research. Turns out, wsl uses hyper-v, and disabling wsl and enabling hyper-v does the same thing.
Heres the weird thing though, when i go into the bios, and exit it without doing anything, it automatically changes vram into 512mb, and ram into 7.4gb, but with a popup saying that "Your system settings have been changed ! Please restart your pc to apply these changes !" But when i restart, it changes back to 2gb of vram and 5.9 gb of ram, which i dont want. And btw, disabling wsl/hyper-v causes these changes to go back to normal (512mb vram and 7.4 gb ram)

Is there anyway to fix this,?

My specs:
CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 3400g with RX Vega Graphics
RAM:8GB of 3200mhz 16-18-18-38 ( G . Skill Trident Z) single channel/single stick
GPU:AMD RX vega 11
Motherboard:MSI b450M A- PRO MAX
450 watt PSU
250 gig nvme ssd
**custom built PC
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