Enabling XMP causes slight Overclock?


Dec 8, 2018
This is the last thread I am making and I do not want any confusion and I want a straight answer and a basic answer because I am very furious over this right now.

I have an i7 8700k processor and its rated speed is 2666mhz and Intel support says having higher ram can damage the processor which I don't believe. Read about it in another thread while googling.

Moot point. I have a Corsair RGB PRO Vengeance 3000mhz and I set it to XMP 1 profile in ASUS ROG STRIX z390 Gaming E motherboard bios.

Does this mean I did slightly overclock it?

I need answers so I can decide if I should order the 2666mhz? I ain't interested in overclocking or hurting my CPU. I know I should have bought an 8700 instead of a K series but I am used to K series anyways. It's not a big deal. Please seriously help me understand this so I can have peace of mind. Everyone else says yes it overclocks it and some claim to say NO it doesn't and just sets the ram speed. Now I am baffled and stressed out. Help.


Just use xmp the ram itself is rated to run at that speed it won't harm anything the 2666 is the best speed it can run out of the box. Heck just setting correct lower timings at 2400 is considered an overclock by definition