Question enclosure enabling issues

Feb 15, 2019
i've tried two enclosures, a sabrent and an amazon basics, on three different computers with no connections made.

i followed the instructions. like all instruction nothing followed as described. with the sabrent i didn't get the correct popups however i was able to get around to disk management, however i was not able to "enable" the enclosure. with the amazon basics enclosure, it was just not recognized.....period

i'm beginning to wonder if enclosures are by nature wanky or am i missing some setting i'm not aware of, maybe in bios or whatever. in any, case neither enclosure has worked. the sabrent was at least recognized as "working" however because i was not able to "enable" as per instructions, it does not appear on the computer. it's only there in disk management.

i tried two lenovo desktop sff's and one lenovo laptop. all w7 pro. one desktop is a 32bit w7

any help,,,,thx

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