Question Encountering Slow Speeds when Connecting my Netgear R7000 Router directly to my Laptop via Ethernet

Mar 28, 2020
My current setup is that I have a cable company provided Technicolor modem, model TC8717T connected to my Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router via an ethernet chord. Wifi works just fine.

However, I am now attempting to connect my laptop to my router via an ethernet chord, and this is resulting in extremely slow internet speeds.

I ran speed tests for different scenarios and these were the results:

Speed test on Wifi: 55.2 download, 2.6 upload
Speed Test Laptop Wired to Router: 2.43 download, 2.48 upload
Speed Test Laptop Wired to Modem: 234.81 download, 11.22 upload

I believe the firmware of my router is up to date, the firmware is: v1.09.88_10.2.88
My modem is a router/modem combination, I contacted my cable company and they stated that my modem is in bridge mode.

Per the nighthawk app, my Router has a different IP than my Internet Port and my internet port type is listed as: DHCP

My internet service provider is Spectrum and I have a cable connection type.
Im using the internal Lan connection on my computer.
My computer has Windows 10.