Question Endless "Automatic Repair loop", but WHY did RAM fix it?

Jun 18, 2021
So yesterday I was playing the mmo New World. There was lag, and then it coudn't reconnect. So I restarted the PC to see if that would fix the connection issue, sometimes with Wifi restarts can fix that.

But then when I went to restart, Windows 10 went into one of its vicious endless repair loops where it can never fix anything, and it simply would not boot to the Windows desktop. Endless spining dots with occasional attempts by Windows to do a repair. It only succesfully booted in Safe Mode.

I went through the entire checklist I could gather: drivers, updates, hard boots, recovery, system restore, command prompt instructions, windows reinstall while keeping all my datat and files, you name it. Then I came acros a video that suggests reseating your RAM sticks cam clear an endless Windows 10 loop.

So removed my RAM sticks from the motherboard and then just put them right back in. And BAM, the PC went right to desktop! No problem whatsoever!

My question is, WHY would simply taking out the RAM and putting it back in fix a problem like this? And is it indicitave that the RAM itself might be bad? Or that it wasn't seated properly? But how would it work fine for a year and then suddenly not if it wasn't put in right? I mean they click into place, I don't see how they could be "loose" in any way!
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