Question Endless blue scren windows 10 boot manager

James Thebeau

Jun 18, 2014
So no matter what I boot from with my windows 10 bootable USB, it brings me to an endless blue screen when I use either of two hard drives or this SSD.

And of course these are both used and I got them used, not really expecting much from them but I was hoping I could use them. I just don't know how to tell if they're dead, I can feel movement from the SSD and both of the hard drives and there's no scratching or any kind of a crazy noises from any of them.

Main thing is I was able to use boot manager appropriately on another SSD. But when trying to even boot into boot manager with any of these three devices it takes me to an endless blue screen after loading with the circular dots for quite an extended time.

Now I was able to boot and to boot manager without the SSD installed, at least with it being powered but not the sata cable hooked up. And I was able to get to where I choose where to install. Then I plug-in the SSD sata the cable and hit refresh and it shows.

I was able to back out and go to command prompt and clean the drive and convert it to GPT just in case but I guess that's not formatting it. I did try to format it before that which took me to an endless load.

Currently the Windows 10 boot manager actually loaded with the SSD plugged in after like 10 minutes. Now the set up is starting is taking at least 10 minutes so far. But just wondering if there's an easier way to actually access the drives because apparently they can be recognized but for some reason not easily. Unless they are really just about to die?


1: Windows Boot usb? Do you mean the bootable Windows installer?

2: You can feel the SSD? - SSD's have no moving parts, there is nothing to "feel".

I suspect what you have is 3 old harddrives, possibly one being an SSHD which only has a flash buffer HDD and is not even close to an SSD. It doesn't sound very promising that these are in good condition

When you get windows going*, install CrystalDiskInfo to check the drives SMART.
If you host screenshots of the SMART windows on an image sharing site and link us to them, we can let you know if the drives are obviously bad.

As for your 'moved' comment; you probably should be happy it was moved for you considering that you probably wouldn't get one reading this at all in the wrong forum section. Keep in mind that there is no paid staff here, we are all just ordinary people who have lives too but enjoy helping others when we can.

* don't forget to install your motherboards drivers