Endless Restarting Loop -- HELLLLLLP!!


Mar 8, 2006
My computer is now in an endless restarting loop - it restarts before the windows logo screen, again and again, never stops.

This is where the problem begins:
I had Vista installed(where in another partition), and soon I get bored and wanted to uninstall it. So I followed some steps on some websites which suggest user to "fixboot" and "fixmbr" and then format the Vista partition.
But as I did so, the original XP partition didn't boot up. I thought that was a MBR problem so I then tried to perform a repair install to solve this problem.
And there was the next big problem -- the installation was stuck at about "34 minutes remaining" and even spent hours to wait still dont run. I "Googled" around the Internet and figured out that was some kind of a hardware problem. I didn't think my hardwares have any, but I tried to resolve, though, didn't work. Then I rebooted and pressed F5 before loading the setup and performed a "Debug Mode". Amazingly, it works. After the installation was completed, the computer restarts and fell in the endless loop.

How should I fix this problem? Any suggestion is precious and appreciated.


Mar 20, 2006
Also, if you can log into Windows: Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under “Startup & Recovery,” click Settings. Under “System Failure,” uncheck the box in front of “Automatically restart.

This should allow you to see the stop code that is producing the restart.