Nov 24, 2008
I searched the customer reviews and there was a poster who had a 4830 and it worked for him. The wattage isn't an issue, while ATI recommends 450W I'd be surprised if that system drew 200W underload.

To be honest I'm not sure how to interpret the output amps on the spec sheet, nor do I know how many amps a 4830 wants. To reiterate a customer review did state that they had a 4830 and the PSU worked for them.

edit: The link you have doesn't go to the enermax 430w (the first PSU was a thermaltake PSU). So, I don't know anything.
The recent reviews of Thermaltake PSUs I've read indicate they aren't bad but have overstated capacity. It might work, but you might also be really stressing that PSU. Something like an Earthwatts 430 should work. I haven't yet seen any reviews of the OCZ Fatal1ty PSUs, but they are inexpensive, are 80+ certified, and also modular.