Enermax 450-watt ATX Power Supply - 465P ?


May 23, 2003
Is Enermax a reputable brand for power supplies? Or the Enermax 450-watt ATX Power Supply - 465P in specific? I need a new power supply and I was wondering if this one would be a good replacement. Thanks!

And this DOES have something to do with graphics, I promise. Anything rendered is all messed up and I believe that it is because of my power supply. The +3.3V is usually around 2.95V for some strange reason... and I think I've tried just about everything else, so I'm hoping that this is my problem.
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I have the EG465P-VE and it has worked flawlessly on my Dual XP1800+ rig. You would be hard pressed to over-tax this unit. IT should be good for just about anything you throw at it. I would put the quality on par with Antec (although I prefer Enermax [my other PSU is also a 365 Whisper]), the only one I would place as being a better maker would be 'PCPower & Cooling' they make the BEST IMO (I couldn't get one because there is no reseller in Calgary).

The Enermax should give you NO issues with graphics cards, it'll handle all the current ones in most configurations, and it doesn't have even a minor history of problems (unlike some Antecs [very minor there though]).

Hope that helps.

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