Enermax Releases LiqFusion AIO Water Cooling Unit With RGB Lighting

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Jul 20, 2015
seems like a :fair: price for what the product is, but then again, 2 year warranty is mehh at best, if they fans etc were so much better quality as they often claim should be a minimum of 3 years ^.^

why can no one seem to put an at most $60-$65 (Canadian) halfway decent liquid cooler on the market (would be far excellent if they made a refillable one)

or for that matter, why not one that uses extra long heatpipes instead of direct liquid, am sure it would not be that difficult to make one where the "rad" is able to have more liquid capacity and you can use whatever flexible pipe is needed between the rad and the actual metal heatsink so we could get a liquid cooling performance as well as ability of "air" over temperature sensitive motherboard, which is where nearly all liquid coolers fall flat on face because they can run cpu so much quicker but allow very little air over the now hotter running parts.
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