Enermax Steelwing Mini-Tower Case Review

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Mar 1, 2017
Besides that I just replaced a m-atx board they have up to 5 expansion slots I see 3 here so wtf is that about even if there were the typical 4 say 2 16x slots for sli or xfire/mgpu this case would never work.

THIS SITE IS GETTING GARBAGE EVERY FF-ing time I have to log into this site it wont post my post I have to repost and the ADS and the videos I am just about done with this site going to replace it with something else will be searching today.

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Four. Micro ATX only ever had four slots max. Micro ATX is a form factor, which means it has a fixed set of maximum dimensions.

It's because the word "form factor" has a specific meaning that I'm going through certain articles and killing the term "small form factor". If "small" was a form factor you'd be able to give me dimensions. Mini ITX is a form factor that's small, but the form factor name is Mini ITX.

And thanks for bringing up the constant sign-out problem. It's been less pervasive for the past few days, but it is a nuisance. Along with constantly being pestered to sign up for the newsletter I'm already signed up for.
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