Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology???


Mar 8, 2010
I am going to buy a MSi GX623 laptop and want to know what is "Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology"???

Q. 1. What does it do?
Q. 2. When you disable it does ot make the CPU go slower?

To expand on it, every Intel CPU from the Pentium M has had a set low and high multiplier in it. The multiplier for the Core 2 series was usually a low of 6 so that would lower the multiplier to 6 x FSB (on the first gen Core 2s it was 266, second gen was 333) so in idle states it would consume less power. When it would get a load of 20% or more, it would kick back up to the max allowed to give it full power.

For example:

A Q6600 has a low multiplier of 6x and high of 9x and a FSB of 266MHz. That would mean:

Idle 6 x 266 = 1.6GHz

Load 9 x 266 = 2.4GHz

Newer CPUs have Speedstep along with a enhanced power switching tech that allows them to turn off individual cores and cache, mostly the mobile CPUs have it. This allows for the PC to consume much less power during idle states than without it.

AMD has an equivalent called Cool'N'Quiet.