Let's hope so.

I don't really get the part about the GTX 275. The guy says "it definitely looks like a GTX 295 chip with a higher clock". LOL, that would make it the new king of the hill.
In fact, the numbers show it's a GTX 285 with lower clocks. That is, a single GPU, 240 processors just like the GTX 285, 633MHz instead of 675 MHz. Anyway, it's good to see an nVidia card in that range, it will keep the HD 4890 prices low.
The Vapor-X cooling system has been in use for many months on the 4870 512MB Toxic and the 1GB Toxic more recently. They have just slapped a new gray case on the old cards, and added the 4850.

However, I am more interested in this shift because of the apparent branding. Sapphire seems to be claiming this Vapor-X and a model name. That would mean that ATI has dropped the plans they had to produce ALL reference cards with Vapor-X.

It was announced last year that they would be producing all new cards with this cooling, but only Sapphire ever actually did it.


Jan 21, 2009

He means it's like one of the GPUs from a GTX295.