Question Enlisted Extremely Slow Down Speed


Jul 1, 2021
My friend has recently tried to download a game called Enlisted, his download speed was around 250kb/s, he thought Gaijin servers had some kind of a problem, so he tried the next day as well, the problem persisted, i tried to download it as well and i had steady 7mb/s, so it doesn't seem that their servers are the problem, his internet is 350mbps download and 150mbps upload (basically same as mine) so his internet provider also doesn't seem to be the problem. He tried disabling the Firewall, didn't help, we checked network activity through Resource Monitor, he barely had any download and his upload was also very low (2 000B/s meanwhile i checked mine and i had something like 7 000 000B/s upload)

Gaijin does use P2P + Server download, he had basically 50/50 ratio, same as me.
I basically don't know anything about this stuff so i'd appreciate detailed description on any kind of tips/fixes.
Ask your friend to check whether the "Limit download speed to" setting is set to ON in the Gaijin launcher (under Advanced Settings).

If it is already set to OFF then there might be some other issue, like 'closed ports'. But the issue with ports is mostly common with the War Thunder game.

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