Question Enterprise Hard Drives work on Desktop Computers? Should.

Apr 19, 2020
Been looking at buying a Hard Drive recently for a while and researched a lot. It seemed all the enterprise ones should work with desktop computers too as long as the connection is SATA and not SAS. Unfortunately, I didn't know this and wasted a few offers on eBay on SAS drives. Now I am eyeing this one (WD4000FYYX ), which says SATA and is at a good price. But just as good as the SAS ones I used to see. So I am suspicious and want to ask the seller but stupid eBay isn't letting me because "YoU sEnT tOo MaNy MEsSaGeS aLrEaDy ToDaY". I thought it will work in desktops but as I googled, I came across this link where it says:
This is an enterprise hard drive. It will not work in desktop PCs, laptops or game consoles.
Is this true? How should I know in the future which Hard Drives will and won't work on desktops? I was just looking for any SATA until now. But it seems no?
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I don't see why it wouldn't unless its using the Sata3.2 interface in which case you need to open the orange 3.3v power line (i suggest getting a power extension cable and cutting it there) .

Game Consoles & laptops I agree, it won't even fit inside. LoL