Question Entire PC starts lagging after 2-3 hours?

Nov 12, 2021
After 2-3 hours, yesterday and today, my PC started lagging. The entire thing. My games can't get past 55 -56 fps, my mouse is visibly lagging, making the CPU usage jump like 10 percent when I move it, and random parts (but mostly the tabs bar) of my browser (Vivaldi) gets blurred until I move the mouse there. Also the audio and video of Youtube vids are not in sync. My temps are below 60 celsius and the usage of the parts is low too, the CPU normally runs at 2-3 percent when idling or doing light things, but now it's 10 at idle. My RAM usage is around 20-30% too when I have a browser open, and the PC is only making the usual amount of noise (fans and coil whine when I get into intense gaming). So besides the mouse lag and lower FPS, nothing seems out of the ordinary. My Windows is activated, and I don't have low SSD capacity either (both Windows and my games are running on seperate SSDs).

  • I downloaded Opera too and the blurry thing doesn't seem to happen there, BUT the audio is crackling there, which it's not in Vivaldi. I guess one is blurry, one is crackly
  • I just noticed CRSS is using almost 6% of my CPU all the time, which is weird because as mentioned idle usage used to be 0-3%
  • When turning off tonight, after I clicked "Shut down" it played the win10 logon sound, then just locked the computer and changed the logon screen back to the previous image I used, then after logging back in with my PIN it was lagless and smooth again
  • I ran chkdsk /r and a memory test too, but in the event viewer I couldn't figure out what the results meant so if needed, best I could do is paste them here (chkdsk was done in less than 2 hrs with a 480GB Sata3 SSD so I'm guessing it's not that bad?)
  • I just reinstalled Win10 and after an hour the cursor seems to start lagging again
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