News Epic Optimizes Unreal Engine 5 Compilation For AMD's Threadripper CPUs


Oct 12, 2017
Shouldn't this benefit Ryzen also if people use it to compile?
The big issue is if the GAMES are written in a way to spawn more threads. There is always the issue of trying to balance what customers may have in their computers and how well the game will scale for those with more powerful computers. We already see times where those with a quad-core CPU whine because performance is too low, because the game doesn't scale DOWN for their low end machine(by modern standards where 8 core is seen as the norm).

In a game where there are a lot of NPCs in the game environment, it would be ideal to be able to spawn one thread per NPC where each thread handles that NPC. You can have multiple threads that go to the same CPU core, but performance will drop the more there are. So, does the game have a way to reduce the number of NPCs that have a thread assigned to them? Some games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, make it obvious where the NPCs can suddenly disappear or blink out based on some game logic decision that too much is going on around the player, but that is the big problem, scale up is easy, but how to scale the game down for those with a low end computer.