Epox 9npa+ system USB question


Jun 13, 2005
Hey, I hope this hasn't been answered before, but a quick browse showed no signs, so my problem may be unique to me. My current system, which I built about a year ago (last summer) consists of:

9npa+ mobo
Athlon 64 3200+ (venice I believe)
1 gig RAM
500w fortron PSU
3 hard drives currently, 30 60 and 250GB.
Windows XP home
and some other miscellania, but I don't think the specs are particularly related to the problem.

The crux of the issue is my onboard USB ports. They're really on and off in terms of performance.. currently I have my mouse plugged into one, and it repeatedly gives me the "boo boo doop doop" or whatever sound you when something is synched/unsynched from a USB port, while simultaneously freezing my mouse. After the doops, the mouse comes back and is fine. This is really disrupting, considering how much of a pain in the ass it is to continuously have a mouse stop moving in the middle of your motion. Also, I've had the same problem with hooking cameras up to the USB ports.

Another problem, which seems related to my general slew of USB problems is that my comp refuses to acknowledge that it has USB2.0 support when I hook upo my ipod. The mobo says it has USB2.0 support, and I'd expect it from a relatively new mobo (at least one from a year ago), so why won't it recognize it?

I suspect this may be the real problem, but I need some help fixing it: I have yet to flash my bios. I'm probably answering my own dumb question here, but if this seems like it could be the problem, can you guys help me flash my bios (preferably without doing it from a windows prompt off a disk, because I have no floppy currently installed).

I'd like to get my mouse working (and all my USB ports working seemlessly, like they should) as well as get my comp to recognize my USB2.0 support, so if anyone can help, please do! Thanks so much!


Sep 22, 2006

I had a similar problem with my 9NPA+ Ultra. Have you tried reinstalling your motherboard drivers or checking to see if there are any updated versions.

You don't mention whether you have service pack 1 or 2 installed. You need at least SP1 installed for USB 2.0 support in Windows, if I remember correctly



Nov 17, 2006
I have a 9NPA+ Ultra and I'm pretty sure that USB action freezes my system. No Win event or anything - just dead as a door nail with the screen showing whatever was on it. It seems to happen when my Sony MP3 player is plugged in a USB port on the back of the case, or with an iPod Shuffle plugged into the front, and 3 times yesterday when I added a Logitech Extreme Pro joystick plugged into the USB on my Dell monitor.



Jun 6, 2005
I also have the 9NPA+ Ultra and have no issues at all with USB and neither does my friend who is running the same board. What does device manager say for your USB root controller/header when you click to expand it? Is there a yellow triangle or anything that would indicate its not properly installed. I noticed that after I install SP2 I still have to click on USB in device manager and reinstall the driver using the supplied motherboard CD and then all is fine.