Question EPS and GPU connection help


Nov 11, 2014
Hello all,

I just ordered my new build and it is to arrive tomorrow rocking the following:

Ryzen 5 7600 non X + Pure Rock 2 Black Cooler

Sapphire 7900 XT Pulse

MSI B650 MAG Tomahawk

2x16GB Kingston Fury EXPO DDR5 6000mhz CL36

850w MSI MPG A850G 80+ Gold

2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus

be quiet! Pure Base 500DX with 5x Pure Wings 2 140mm fans

My question is in regards to my PSU and the 2x8 Pins on the Motherboard. It is my understanding, that only 1x8 EPS is fine, especially considering my CPU is rated 65w. However, my PSU gives me along two 8 - pin connectors. Is there any disadvantage / potential hazard to having both of them connected?
Also, my GPU requires 2x8 pin connectors. I'm assuming I'm supposed to run 1x8 pin from one of the connectors on the PSU, and then another 1x8 pin from another connector correct? Here are my PSU connectors for reference.

Many thanks.
See... You can leave those cables connected to your PSU unused.. just dont let their insulation get damage inside case... and if your Board have 2x 8pin EPS connector.. then connect both of them.. good boards uses 1gnd pin to sense presence of Power plug.. you might looose the turbo boost ability of CPU if you left 1 ESP connector unused...

2nd.. a 16AWG Copper wire (used for PCIE Power connector can handle 8amps.. and pins designed for 5amp per pin so 8 pin connector have 3x 12v pins.. . theoritically.. a single 8 pin connector can provide upto 180watts... while cable ccan do more... thats why we see 2x 8pin connectors are attached on same PCI cable... so not a problem.. if you use 2x8 pin PCIE power cable to power your GPU...not an Issue..

Still its better to use 2 cable (using only one connector on each cable to have some headroom for peak power draws..)

and to be honest.. have Tested RX6700XT on 450 watt PSU... it worked without an issue under full load... no cable heating, no connector heating and all..... 8 pin PCIe connectors are very robust BTH..

Your PSU looks fine... and can easily handle your PC.. not a problem