Question Epson 3020 Powerlite projector - Loud bang/snapping sound = blown bulb or worse?


Aug 27, 2008
So last I checked a few months ago I had over 5,000 hours on the lamp. The filter was still free of dust from the last cleaning but has gotten discolored from over 7 years of use.

Tonight I had it on for a couple minutes and then "BANG" like a rule hitting a table almost...the screen goes dark and the fan kicks into overdrive.

I unscrew the bulb latch and notice fine crystal-like particles on the reflective plastic lid. I don't notice any other debris in the actual unit. I didn't try to take out the bulb yet because it's late and I'm not sure what screw driver I have that's small enough to even fit in the tight space to loosen the ones holding the bulb assembly. Since they're up in the plastic shroud there's literally about 2" of room unless you angle the screwdriver which I shouldn't have to do.

Anyways, has anyone had this happen from just a bulb burning out, or would it be something more serious? Not sure if I want to spend the money on a bulb as the projector is already over 7 years old, and if I can't transfer the bulb to a newer one it might be a waste.

Much appreciated if anyone can give any insight into this issue,