Question Epson LQ 310 paper jam issue

Nov 22, 2021
Hi guys.
This is my first time posting here.

I would like to find out more about dot matrix printer paper jam issues.
Currently workplace has a few Epson LQ310 dot matrix printers.
When doing printing for a few pieces of continuous forms, things are normal.
But when doing continuous printing (10pcs or more) , the sprocket holes at the left and right side start to misalign causing printing misalignment at the 2nd ply, 3rd ply of carbon, etc, and then causing paper to finally jam.

Can anyone here please help if anyone of you has encountered this problem?



Where are you purchasing the paper? Cheap paper can be very problematic.

If the paper and holes are not square then the pages will go out of alignment.

There may be enough tolerance for a minor misalignment but as the misalignment increases at the 10 pcs mark then one margin or the other will go out of square and jam.

But there can be other reasons as well.

This printer?

Read the section about Continuous paper starting on physically numbered Page 2-7. However, before doing actually doing anything, review the entire User's Guide. Not at all uncommon that, over time, something relevant, starts being forgotten and overlooked.

Appendix A-4: Paper specs.

Troubleshooting is in Chapter 3.

Start by inspecting and cleaning rollers, sprockets, etc.. just a a matter of elimination. Reference the printer's User's Guide as applicable.

Then try some other continuous 3 ply paper of any sort - just for testing purposes. Determine if the problem continues.

Hopefully the problem will be easily identified and corrected.