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Epson V600 Scanner going slow

Oct 2, 2019
I have had the Epson V600 scanner for about 4 months and it is mostly great. When I boot my computer up, the scanner works great the first time. Each subsequent scan after the first takes about an extra minute. The scan itself goes the same speed but the process in which it takes to save the file to a folder takes significantly longer each scan. I am not sure why this is happening?
Settings are professional mode. photo, reflective, 24bit color, 600 dpi
Computer is Windows 10, 16GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 7 1700, Radeon RX 550

Any help would be much appreciated. I should note that it did not do this for the first few months. I talked to Epson tech support and they told me to reset all setting but this did not solve the problem. I also have the pathways unblocked on my firewall.
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