[SOLVED] Epson wf-3620 not printing correctly

Nov 19, 2019
Hello. My Epson all-in-one wf-3620 will only print in shades of blue. Sometimes a little yellow will print. Red and Black do not print.
This occurred over, perhaps, 30 pages of printing - it gradually got worse and now it is useless.
There are NO error messages of any sort, or "low ink" messages, on the printer's display or on my laptop screen.
I changed all the ink cartridges, ran a nozzle check, performed a print head cleaning, printed a print head check (it printed a perfectly blank sheet for both the vertical and the horizontal print head check results), installed a fresh driver from Epson (annoying), used the scanner bed to scan-to-print a colorful supermarket ad (the printout was mostly blue, some yellow, no red or black)(unuasable), I have occasionally told it I loved it and have never, ever hit it, sworn at it, or told it it was ugly.
I think it's broken. It's out of warranty and I will buy a new printer rather than buy more expensive ink just to see what happens. It was very good for a couple years.
Do you think it's broken?
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