Question Erasing a Password from a Toshiba 2540 CDS

Apr 11, 2023
Hi Everyone,

I'm very new to this website so here's a question for you: I have an old Toshiba 2540 CDS laptop, haven't used it in many years. However, I need to access it and cannot remember it's password. I don't care if I have to lose files to erase it, but as long a I can have access to computer functions, that's fine with me. Any ideas on how to do it? Any advice would be appreciated!!


Lol, while it does have USB, it certainly cannot boot from that. And Socket 7, 32MB RAM and 4.3GB disk are slightly under the system requirements for Windows 10. You'd need Windows 9x on CD or floppies to clean install, because the system predates DVD by quite a bit being from the previous milennium, and a USB DVD drive wouldn't be bootable either.

*Removed by moderator*. And if you can't figure out how to get into Windows 9x without a password, then you probably wouldn't have an easy time reinstalling that either.