Error 0X00004005


Feb 18, 2012
I am sharing a printer between XP and windows 7. Everything goes fine until the last step – Instead of getting “You’ve successfully added HP Laserjet 3030 ” I get “No driver found Windows can’t find a driver for HP Laserjet 3030 on the network. To locate one manually, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel and consult your network administrator or the printer manufacturer’s website.”

I tried downloading a Win7 driver 64 and 32 bit to manually select. When I browse to select driver, it had 10 inf files on it – none of which seemed to work.

I also tried to add drivers under the sharing printers and could not get the drivers to load.


Dec 9, 2009
I had this same issue several months ago between a shared printer with xp and seven. After installing and uninstalling drivers several times and running into similar errors, I set up Google Cloud Print. I would love to tell you what it did to make it work and why a regular installation didn't work but I can't. All I know is it took me through the install and it was able to finish it, so maybe worth a shot.