Question Error 0x80070057: Windows Could Not Format a Partition on Disk 0 While installing Windows , Raw disk

Sep 13, 2021
I have a old laptop and I was installing Windows on it. I tried Windows 10 and I got the same error. Then through some searching I found to use the CHKDSK command in cmd of the installer, and it fixed the error but when installing, I got a error telling that my windows files were corrupt. So I tried Windows 8 and when I tried to format the disk, I got the same "Could not format partition" error. So I ran CHKDSK and it had a error saying that the command cannot be used on RAW disks. And if i used diskpart to format, I got the error saying it couldnt format. So I now I tried Windows 7 and same error. Now I am clueless, Help