Question ERROR: 5 beeps with no video output - Intel HD 4000 (iGPU) missing from BIOS


Dec 6, 2012
Hello. I have an Asrock H61M-DGS with a Core i5-3475S, 8 gb of ddr3 RAM and a Corsair cx600 psu. I have an nvidia GT210 and a GTX260, with both of them i've always force-enabled the Intel HD 4000 (iGPU MultiMonitor support in BIOS) to run a second monitor out of the VGA port of the motherboard and also to have QuickSync available to record in OBS.

All good until i installed a new AMD RX 460 from Gigabyte. The iGPU options are gone from the BIOS so i cant run the second monitor out of the VGA port and dont have quicksync canymore Also if i try to boot the PC without a graphics card i get a 5 beep with no video output.

So far i've tested both sticks of ram one by one on each slot (they're fine) and already tried restoring BIOS defaults and removing CMOS the battery.

Edit 1: I already have the latest BIOS (P1.60), but flashed it anyway. Still 5 beeps no video out of the iGPU

Edit 2 Took the motherboard out and I am now testing with only with PSU keyboard and one display. Each one of the cards are booting ok, iGPU is still missing from Bios and i still get a 5 beep error if no card is plugged.

Edit 3: Added some images. If they dont load please use this link: View:

This is how it was before. I was able to enable the iGPU to use multi-monitor and QuickSync. If i removed the graphics card the iGPU would kick in and run the main display as it shuld be.

This is what my BIOS shows now, theres no mention of the iGPU on the northbridge configuration (thats where the iGPU settings were before), also in Primary graphics adapter the only option is PCI Express. And like i said, if i turn on the PC without any of the graphics card it wont boot and will give the 5 beep error.

PD: Nevermind the yellow vertical line,thats my second/spare monitor and has that probloem.
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