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Question Error code 00, PC won't start up


Jan 13, 2017
For the past couple of days I've had a problem with my pc. When I turn it on it shuts down after a sec or two and then turns back on again and off and on again for up to 5 times and when it stays on the fans run at full speed, MOBO displays code 00 (right from the start, nothing else shows but 00) and nothing else happens. I googled about the error code 00 and nothing really helped.
So first I tested the CPU and the cpu is fine (I tested it in another PC).
Then I Tested the memory and both sticks are fine.
Then I bought a new battery and that didn't fix it either.
So the last thing that could be broken (acording to google) is the PSU but I don't have a spare one atm.

Now the funny thing is, I found a way to turn on my PC. It doesn't work every time but if I keep doing it, it will work eventually. The thing that works is that right after I turn on the PC I press the reset button on my MOBO. After that the PC shuts down again and starts up after 2-3 sec and then it works without any problems ofc that is until I shut it down again. If I restart it, it will start up without any problems, but if it goes to sleep it will display the 00 code again and not start up.

So if I manage to turn it on and it works fine, it makes me believe that it's not a Hardware problem but something else?

Any ideas what to do?

Also, I should mention that at one point I got the error due to Overclocking...the funny thing is I never overclocked anything...and this error happened a few days after the problem first appeared.

My components:
CPU: i7 4790k
MOBO: Asus Maximus Hero Vii
RAM: Corsair Vengeance PRO 16GB 1866MHz
GPU: MSI GTX 1080TI Gaming X Trio
PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 750w
Cooling: NZXT Kraken x62
Storage: Samsung EVO 970 250gb m.2
Samsung EVO 860 500gb 2.5''
WD Blue 2tb