Question Error codes E1, E0, 74 & 75 on motherboard ?


May 23, 2021
.and when it was on one of the two GPU slots it gave out E1 and E0 i put it on the other GPU slot and it gave different errer codes this one said 75 and 74 The board is a SLI board hence two slots for the GPU.On the one with the E1. EO code , to power off i have to press a number of times for it to shutdown.The other one shuts-down notmaly.The one that does not shut down is nearest to the CPU. The board is ECS KN1SLI.The bleeper does not do anything.I see there are some you tube videos about E1. and E0. None of them are in English . Why don,t they have subtitles :(Only the E codes ate the ones to be sorted, as the other ones are on the SLI socket.I can,t see this working:(I will have to get a 939so i can use the AMD 64. 3200 CPU that i bought for this board it cost a pound more than board.
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