Error Correction


Aug 23, 2011
Hello,my dvd drive only reads mp3 formats. Doesn't read cda or wav format. when I put a normal cd in the drive I get a msg saying cd is in wronge format or disk is damaged and to turn on error correction. How do I turn on error correction ?
What program are you trying to use for the playback ? Windows Media Player and most others will playback the .cda format so it sounds like you might have some other program set to open the .cda format files -- what happens if you open windows media player and try opening the file using it (using the File - Open selection from inside the player) ?

Have you tried a couple different cd's that you know are good ? Could be scratches on the CD keeping it from reading the files.

What DVD drive do you have ? (Brand - make) and are the CDs originals or burned copies ? What region do you live in and are the Cd's from the same region ? (could be region locked and your DVD drive is set to a different region) Does your DVD player support both +r and -r disks ?