Error installing Win 7 Pro SP1, 64 bit


Jul 2, 2012
I first installed win7P (64bit) back in Dec of 2011. Clean install with 4 gigs ram with no issues. Got a virus back in April and reformatted with a clean install with 8 gigs, no issues.

Had a massive power outage here in Ohio on Fri. the 29. Power came back Sat the 30th.

When power went out my son was playing WoW. After power came back up, getting blue screens and crashes, with a multitude of Windows service failures. I assumed that Windows was corrupted and tried a repiar using the Win7 install disk.
Decided to just do another clean install. Many errors (can't install with this hardware, blah, blah blah.) Then noticed my CPU fan wasnt running. Changed out the fan and no more stability issues, but Win 7 WILL NOT install (tried 5 clean installs); hanging on starting services, hanging on updates, missiing or currupt files. Did ram stick/slot switches with each new install and got the same problems, so I don't think I have bad ram or slots. Should I try with just 2 gigs?


q6600 quad core
8 gigs DDR2
Radeon 6700 series 1 gig GPU
700 watt PS

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