Error loading operating system

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Sep 6, 2012
Okay, so I just bought a new HP laptop. I inserted my Windows 98 SE installation disk in the laptop and turned it on. It shows the HP splash screen and an option for ROM based setup by pressing F10. After the splash screen goes away, I get the message 'Error loading operating system'
I've been looking for a fix for this for a while but haven't had much luck. Can anyone help?
Windows 98 will not run on that machine. Too much RAM (98 won't run on more than 512MB), processor too fast (98 chokes much faster than 1GHz), you won't find drivers.

Just a couple of corrections:

You cannot install Win98 ona system with more than 512MB of RAM, but once installed you can limit the amount it sees and you can then install more if you are dual booting.

You cannot boot Win98 on a CPU faster than 2GHz.

Now, to reinforce the last part: Drivers will be impossible to find. The OP will end up using a generic VGA video mode, they will have no sound, and they will have no wired network, let alone wireless!
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