Error Log over 100GB


Apr 19, 2011
I noticed I've mysteriously lost 30-35GB hard disk space over the last 2 days alone. Once before, maybe last year, I recall losing quite a quantity over a span of a week or so.

When rebooting didn't change anything, I ran trusty AGENT RANSACK.
First for files created or modified this week. And then for files in excess of 100MB...
Turned up very little. Or very little that I did not recognize. My HandyCam videos, PSD files etc etc. All my data basically. Pagefile. Hibernate File. Nothing over 6GB.

And this...
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Dell\apache\logs\error.log
A whopping 110GB. And while I waited to see if this was the cause of my problem before I could post here, I played a game of GTA. And presto, an hour later, 113GB.

Now I looked at what's obvious to me. Services for Dell, Apache, Error... Nothing. Event Viewer... Nothing.

What is this logging? Could I do away with it? Can I set a max. logfile size limit, if nothing else? I'm down to my last 26GB free and I suspect my computer would malfunction within the day with the rate at which this file is growing!

Any input would be much appreciated!


Apr 14, 2011
check your start up and services in msconfig and check to see what is on the list.

Seen a few dell programs that are installed by default case issues like this. Really mostly all of the dell programs that comes with it unless it's for key features such as hotkeys for laptops or whatever.