[Error] Updating Firmware on Samsung SSD via bootable USB


Jan 14, 2012
Hey there!

I used the SAMSUNG SSD Magician to create a bootable USB stick with the latest firmware. After my computer boots from the USB stick i'm being sent to this lovely picture of a scrambled screen that is not readable at all:

Obviously, I dont know what to do. I'm kinda nervous on updating while I'm in windows because the SSD is the system partition.

Any ideas what to do?

System Specs:
Windows 7 64bit
AHCI activated
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3, Z68 (dual PC3-10667U DDR3)
Samsung SSD 830 Series PC Upgrade Kit 128GB, 2.5", SATA 6Gb/s (MZ-7PC128D)
May I assume you are not in the United States? If so, then the following information might apply to your situation.

There is a documented problem with Samsung firmware #CXM02B1Q and older versions of SSD Magician outside the USA. It seems the two did not play nice with each other. On 19 January Samsung issued new firmware that fixed the problem. It is firmware CXM03B1Q Samsung also issued a new version of SSD magician.

Here is a link to the Samsung web page with the latest updates


Please make sure you use the correct model number for your ssd and the newest version of SSD Magician.

Here is a link to an article about the problem:




Jan 14, 2012

thanks for the answer. Yes, I'm not from the US but Germany.

I downloaded the new Magician from the Samsung Homepage but it seems like I already had the newest version (3.1). Secondly I downloaded the firmware for my SSD manually, but as it turns out, it is the same as the one I used to produce this error (I know that because it gets named (1) in my Download folder).

I send the screenshot to Samsung Support but I guess they'll just tell me to restart my computer. Do you have any more ideas?

I have only read about one other possible solution.

1. Turn off your pc completely. Remove the electrical cord from the wall outlet/mains.
2. Disconnect the SATA cable and the power cable from your ssd.
3. Wait a few minutes.
4. Reconnect the cables and start the computer.

BTW - When I looked at the image you posted I thought it might be a video or a font problem. I can recognize some of the characters. It also reminds me of code that is displayed incorrectly but I can't remember which one.
Just completed updating the firmware for my 830 using the SAMSUNG SSD Magician
completed using the "thru windows method" always make me nervous doing firmware updates thru window - dtds back to Gigibyte's Bios updates using windows which Bricked a lot of mother boards.

Any way was reading throug the magician FW using USB. Did not note a cvaution on usb formating. On some it makes a difference in that Fat 32 Must me used. Not sure in that case what ntfs formated would show. ?? Does majician, when selecting USB method, format the usb stick, or just stick the files on there.

Since doing the Samsung 830, also did my 2 M4s (0009 -> 0309) via bootable CD.


Jan 14, 2012
Hey there,

I finally got the firmware update using the windows method, could'nt get the DOS one to work.

Unplugging the Samsung 830 SSD didnt change anything. Using a FAT32 USB Stick didnt change anything. I did not make a bootable CD with the firmware update, dont know if that would have helped.

I did the Windows Firmware Update even though I was kinda scared... it did work and after 2 reboots I was done.

Thanks for your help though!
I generall use the Bootable CD method (For curcial M4's and for the agility IIIs). would prably use the Bootable cd for the 830 unless You are pretty confident that you will NOT get a BSOD will doing the update. The only updates that I've done using a thumdrive is for MB bios's - just copy file to thumbdrive, click on update bios in Bios and broose to thumbdrive.
You will note, any hardware that is having the Firmware update carries a warning -0 DO NOT UNPLUG NOR SHut unit down until completed.

Same-same Blu-screen (computer quit responding) and you have to power off to recover. If this happens before the update is complet, you have a very good chance that you have a lump of dodo in hand that needs a RMA. Reason may are reluctant to do from Windows. If system is very stable, no memory errors, no BSODs - It an exceptable risk.

Maciej Swic

Sep 8, 2013
When your screen is garbled, press ESC to exit the utility.

You will be returned to the command prompt.

Type DSRDGUI0 /s and hit RETURN to run the utility using a different font.

Type DSRDGUI0 /c to run in console mode.