Errors upgrading to XP(Prof)


Apr 17, 2010
I'm upgrading to XP Professional from Win 98SE, and the problem occurred at the beginning of the installation process, after it checked the web for any updates. I get the following:

"Setup cannot copy D:\I386\mfc42.dll to C:\WINDOWS\Setup\mfc42.dll", and then "Setup cannot copy D:\I386\migisol.exe to C:\WINDOWS\Setup\migisol.exe", and finally "Setup cannot continue. Contact Microsoft Technical Support. (Error 578FF58h)"

I've tried turning off the UDMA in BIOS, copying the entire cd to the hard drive and running setup from there, and copying the I386 files into C:\WINDOWS\Setup, the later two get past the first "cannot copy" errors but ultimatley end up back at "Setup cannot continue,get ahold'a microsoft"

I can't do a clean install onto a seperate HD, I have a seperate Hard drive around, and tried every possible way to hook it up, and it just doesn't show up on the PC(It's compatable for XP spec wise), I know what I'm doing there.

But, I'm completely stumped on this :??:
Any help/suggestions(other than contacting Microsoft) or ideas are always greatly appreciated.