Esata causing slow computer / graphics card conflict


Jan 29, 2011
_ Hi

I'm running windows 7 64bit on an Acer 5920g laptop. I have a belkin esata 300 controller running in the 54km pci express card slot and a ati m radeon 3400.

When I transfer files involving one of my esata drives the computer can become slow but mainly when I do something requirInc the graphics card I.e running catalyst control centre, windows live gallery or play a video in xbmc.

I've done a lot of testing and stress testing to try and pin point the problem which has bought me here.

I recently changed the registry and BIOS to work with achi or whatever it is regarding the hdd's. This has improved stability but the problems still occur.

The esata controller has 2 ports, and when using both its more buggy, one port in particular primes more problems so I've stopped using that one.

Very strange but no idea what the problem is. Is the laptop just not up to the task - too much on the gcard? All drivers are up to date and

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