Question ESO in Windows 8.1 VM, to prevent possible GPU crash, is it ok?

Apr 11, 2019
Hello, I just set up a Windows 8.1 virtual machine in VMware to play Elder Scrolls Online safely without having a GPU driver crash or worse GPU damage, ESO can work in a VM? I gave it enough resources from my host system, the reason I want to play in a VM because my previous graphics card died in moment when I exit the game, its happened in seconds , and a ultimate black screen, never I able to get onto my desktop again, we ended up buying a new graphics card its working now and we dont want to get same issue, that GPU was AMD brand and was barely 3 years old. VMs don't have access the host GPU yes? I'm using VMware Workstation 15 Pro, my host system is Windows 10 1803. Even if I get the same black screen problem, it will happen in the VM right?

Please do tell me in detail, is this is a good/useful idea and can work? or is it just waste of time? Thanks in advance,