Estimate power demand


Jul 18, 2001
I am considering installing a fourth hard drive to my system but I am concerned as to whether I have enough power. How can I estimate to load to determine if I will need to upgrade my power supply?

My system consists of:
Antec 350W True Power PSU
Athlon XP 2000+ CPU
Abit kg-7 mobo
(2) 60gb IBM HD in RAID 1
(1) 120b WD HD
(1) 120gb WD HD (planned to add)
Geforce 3 Card
Light-on DVD burner
DVD player
3 Case Fans
Lots of external USB devices

Thanks for the help
There are several calculators on the web for this, some in another post said there is one here on Toms. (Sorry I don't have a link handy :frown: )

Truthfully though, I think you will be fine. You PSU has 16 amps on the 12+ line, which is really healthy. For example my 480 watt generic unit has 18 amps on the 12+ line, and I run a 2800+ XP, GeForce 6800, 2 HDs, 2 CDR/DVD, 2x512 RAM, all my PCI slots are filled, and both the CPU and Videocard is overclocked, I don't have any problems (Did I mention 8 case fans, and that is not counting the CPU, NB, PSU, GPU fans, oh and two HD coolers).

I don't have four hard drives, but my video card will obvisuly consume more power than two extra hard drives.

You should be fine, I wouldn't worry about it. Amp ratings are more important than watts, your PSU has plenty of power, even if its watts rating seems a little low.

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