Question Eternal Hard Drive stops transfer at 93%

Apr 12, 2019
I've been trying to make a large data transfer (aprox 400Gb) and I'll leave it working over night and the next morning I'll get a message saying that it cant locate the files and the download speed goes down to 0. (Copying from internal 2TBHDD 7200RPM to Seagate 4TB external drive) I ran CrystalDiskInfo on both drives. and the one I'm copying from (2TB internal) says Caution, highlighting "Current Pending Sector Count" and "Uncorrectable Sector Count". HDD is about a year old but have never really had more than 50GB on it as I keep most of my things on my SSD. What do the errors I got on the drive mean?
or, if the drive hangs on the same spot (file or location), it might have a corruption there, and will then always hang trying to read it...

In which case, you might need to pick and choose what to retrieve from the drive manually, avoiding (trial and error) what causes the corruption. (If the corruption is caused by a head crash, your time to retrieve any data might be limited to a only a few hours of operating time remaining)